Saturday, August 11, 2012

Our Natural Routine

Whew! I thought it was hard to keep up with my blog before, but after starting homeschooling, it's even harder! I think about updating often, but then I'd have to go get my camera, and upload pictures and then edit those pictures... and well... I don't usually plan to be on the computer THAT long!

I've noticed lately that we're sort of broke into a natural routine with things. With two kids running around, I devote our mornings to fun projects like art or science experiments or trying to play out in the yard or play "Just Dance" on the Wii. I always try to get my work out in during the mornings with them or during naptime if at all possible! Afterwards, Emmelyn takes a nap and Landon and I work on his school. By the time we're wrapping up, (if we're lucky and Emmelyn takes a long nap) we're almost done with school (besides reading) so we break for lunch.

After lunch I clean the kitchen up, start laundry, you know whatever needs to be done around the house while the kids play together. If we still have some school work waiting to be finished we will work on that in the afternoon and we usually do our chapter book reading as our bedtime story. It all works out great for us and just flows!

We're loving homeschooling and I am so glad to KNOW what Landon is learning about!

Like yesterday, in science, we read about the Flower Mantis ...

Doesn’t it look just like an orchid? Apparently they will hide in the flowers they resemble and wait for dinner! Freaky!

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