Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Food Pyramid Lapbook!

Have you heard of lapbooking? 
Well, if you homeschool, I am sure you have. It's new to me, but we're new to homeschooling.
We did our very first lapbook on Monday and Landon loved it! He's been playing with it off and on all day and has asked a few times when we get to make another one! Good thing we have a few more planned in the next couple weeks!
 First off, we found this Food Pyramid Game where you sort the food into catergories (we left out oil because we didn't have room and it only had two items). We made pockets for the food so we can separate them out and place them inside.

For the smaller books I went over to Enchanted Learning and picked those up. (You need a subscription for this website, but it's fabulous!) I had Landon write the name of each food item and color the picture, then we cut out the rectangles and make a cover page. These are his "reference" books in case he isn't sure which category a food item goes in. On the back (not pictured) we have a food pyramid.

 He's so proud of his lapbook!

Have you made any? Do you like this type of learning? I really do, myself. I think it definitely helps reinforce what we're learning! What a great tool!

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