Monday, August 13, 2012

Donuts, Shaving Cream, and a Little Food Coloring!

I've been wanting to buy a donut pan for a long while now, but I could never find one! I finally saw one while wandering around Target a couple weeks ago and had to have it! Landon decided on the flavor of donuts so I found this recipe on Pinterest and created my own frosting recipe and made some amazing baked chocolate donuts! YUM!

1/2 cup chocolate chips
1TBS butter
1/4 C powdered sugar
1T water (more if needed)

Melt chocolate and butter in microwave for 30 seconds and stir (checking to make sure you don't burn it) add another 10 seconds and stir if needed. Add water and sugar and stir together.

Michael's been working 12 hour shifts lately and with a very long commute his days have been about 15 hours! Woowee! So the kids and I have been trying to keep busy! Thursday night we decided to paint in the bath tub! They both loved this and Landon told me numerous times that I was the "best momma ever!" 

Seriously, go do this! 


What are you waiting for?

All you need is some shaving cream and food coloring, that's it!
 I didn't add water to the bath, because I didn't want to them to slip and fall, so we played and then we washed the walls and their bodies afterwards.

 "I'm going to need a very big wipe!"
So fun!

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