Sunday, July 22, 2012

Homeschooling Week One

The first week of homeschool is over and it was fun!

 It's amazing how much Landon is actually enjoying school! He's always loved learning and reading, but he even asked for school on a Saturday! My plan was to start school by 9am every day and he's been asking around 8am if we are going to start yet. 
It's so sweet!
 I believe he's ahead in reading, because everything our Sonlight Curriculum wants him to read for the beginning part of First Grade, he already knows. So, we're just reviewing them and practicing them, a little. We just won't spend as much time on them as the curriculum suggests. 

I'm so glad I have child who loves reading! 

We made "Goo" this week, which the kids both loved! But, boy was it messy!!!


(1 cup liquid starch + cup clear glue + food coloring)
We added some white glue because we didn't have enough clear. Next time we'll try less starch as our mixture was too soupy.

 I found this fabulous version of Bingo to play with Landon over on this site here that is pretty awesome when your learning addition! There is also a subtraction version, completely free! Landon loved this game and we used fruit snacks as our markers, which he thought was pretty awesome!

We also learned about magnets and made observations in our Science Journals!

Answered fun questions in our daily journals!

Had fun with math!

And prepped next week's work load!

Oh yea! And Landon got glasses this week, he looks pretty darn cute, too. ;)

Next week we're making wax paintings like Batik fabric, playing some more with magnets, and making oatmeal raisin cookies! (Clean of course!)

This homeschooling stuff is pretty fun!!

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