Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Homeschooling is going great!

We're now in week 7 of homeschool and it's going great! I do feel like homeschool is consuming my life at times and I find that my "free time" is now going towards it... but I am trying to find a balance and trying to remind myself that I need time to myself, as well.

In the last couple of weeks, I have discovered that even though Landon may not need a math manipulative to figure out a math problem, he sure does work faster with them! I hear a lot less of, "I don't know, I'm tired, I'm hungry, I'm bored, etc..." when I give him something to do with his hands. 

He's been learning to tell time!

Saved up our water bottle lids to make these manipulatives! 

Nothing like a math test with a Super Hero! 

We've been playing lots of math games lately! Every Friday it is scheduled in our planner, but I sometimes just use in on the days he's feeling restless or Emmelyn isn't exactly letting me teach. It's kind of freebie buffer day. But, he loves "Game Day" as I call it! 

I think Science is probably his favorite subject! We don't follow a set order for the day as far as our curriculum goes. I tell him what we need to do for the day and let him choose. He usually picks science or his "I Can Read It" books. He's fascinated by all the animals in our Usborne science book!

Last week we were learning about South America!

And this week, we're learning about North America!

To go along with our animal studies, we decided to check out a nearby little farm. We hope to make it to the DC National ZOO, soon, as well! This was Emmelyn's first time around animals and she was thrilled! 

Crazy looking chicken we found!

We played a little putt-putt, too!

She was SO very excited about the ducks!!


And we rode on a train!

Oh, to be a kid again! He's so free!

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