Sunday, August 12, 2012

Second Week of Homeschool (late)

 We're actually moving into our fifth week of homeschool, but I'm a bit behind here, so bare with me! During the second week of school we learned about Batik fabric and made our own paintings! The kids BOTH loved this one! In fact Emmelyn was SOOO mad when we were done with this one, she threw her first major fit!

In history this week, we learned about tribal masks and why some cultures wore them and we made our own!

 This picture on the right cracks me up with his eyes. ;)

She was a good helper while we practiced counting by two's

We baked some yummy clean oatmeal cookies this week, as well! The kids had a great time helping out in the kitchen and Emmelyn kept stealing bananas as we mixed! It was hilarious!

 I just love how full her cheeks are, haha!

Do you homeschool? If so, when do you start? Are you year round?


Amanda said...

so fun! :) wish we still lived near each other and we could go on field trips together. ;) I love reading your blog! :) I knew you'd do great at HS too! oh and i love how Emmelyn is included in stuff! she's going to be one smart cookie. :)

Stephanie said...

Amanda, I was just telling Michael that I wish we still lived there so we could know where everything was for field trips! And it would be awesome do to them with you guys!!! :) Your blog is looking great, keep it up!!

Lauren said...

Thanks for sharing your day. We're unschoolers in Australia and love hearing about other homeschoolers' lives and meeting them as we travel!

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