Saturday, September 7, 2013

What's in the Busy Box #5

This is our fifth and final box, for the time being. So far she has gotten bored of them, so I won't be updating the boxes until she does. At which time, I will gladly share the new boxes! 

It is quite possible, that this box was Emmelyn's favorite one! Probably because of the beads!

Our 5th Busy Box contained: Pipe cleaners, pony beads, ocean puzzle, small erasers, magnetic shapes, two tweezers, and Usborne's Max and Millie Start School book. As always, the metal cookie sheet is next to the busy boxes to be used for all of them. 

As I said, this was her favorite part of the box! She played with the beads for nearly an hour. We made bracelets and a necklace!

They used the tweezers to pick up the small erasers. This is still hard for her to do, maybe because of the size of the erasers, they're a little big. She finds it easier to pick up the pom poms and smaller items like that. (I found the erasers at the dollar store)

They also enjoyed making patterns and pictures out of the shapes on the cookie sheet. (Shapes were found at the dollar store)

Thank you for checking out all of our busy boxes! I'd love to hear your thoughts and feedback!

What's in the Busy Box #4

I apologize for the delay in sharing our fourth busy box! I don't get on the computer often, unless I really need to, so I sometimes forget to update my blog.  We played with our fourth box a while ago and just like the other three before, it was a success!

Box #4 includes a dress up puzzles, finger puppets, Usborne Very First Words Bedtime book, measuring cups, two tweezers, and pom poms for her sensory item. 

She LOVES her finger puppets! I bought some of them at Ikea and some here on

And who doesn't like to play with pom poms! She had fun filling her measuring cups and pouring them out.  Afterwards she played with her puzzle for a while. 

And then her sweet brother finished up some of his school and offered to read her the book that was in her box. Bonus, he was practicing sight words! He's an excellent reader!

Afterwards they just played together and enjoyed the box. Stay tuned for our 5th busy box!

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