Tuesday, August 30, 2011

A Little Sneak Peek

Just a little sneak peek of what I have been up to, today. This is about 322 squares. Some of my husbands old uniform, some of my son's and daughter's baby clothing. Then we have some flannel squares and batting.

Stay tuned!

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Coat Rack

My latest project was too easy. Almost so easy that it probably doesn't even need a blog.
 But, I don't care, you're getting one, anyway!

On Friday, my husband and I ventured out to the Thirft Store on base. I picked up a few goodies, like two huge picture frames for future projects. (Which won't be until we buy a house...)
One of the other things I picked up was this wall coat rack.
For $3... Not bad!

Pretty plain.
I hate that Landon doesn't have a designated area to put his jacket and back pack after school so I decided to make one.

The hooks didn't come off, so I had to put tape around them.
I knew I wanted to paint this a baby blue color, but I was way to impatient to wait to go to the store to buy the right paint. So, I took some white paint and my Peacock Blue paint, (that I used on the coffee table) and mixed them together.

Once I was satisfied with the color, I painted! I intially wanted to "antique" it by sanding down the edges here and there. I tried that. Looked very strange. I don't think I was doing it right. Oh well, I'll save that for a different project.

While the paint dried, I played with my precious baby!
Isn't she cute?

And here you have it!

Saturday, August 27, 2011

A year ago we were blessed again!

A year ago, I created this video to share with our family and friends to announce that we were pregnant with our second child! It's hard to believe that was a year ago, already. I love how easily our family has moved from a family of three to a family of four. It was meant to be!

I still get all teary eyed just watching this!

We love you Emmelyn and are so glad to have you in our life!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Worst Day of my Life!

I woke up this morning, hoping yesterday had been a bad dream.

We spent all of Wednesday morning in the emergency room with my scared little girl. It all started at about 5am when I jumped out of bed after hearing a loud crash followed by crying. I freaked out and ran to Michael's side of the bed and grabbed my daughter from my husband's arms and held her as tight as I could. At this point I wasn't sure what happened. My husband said he fell asleep feeding her, and that she was on his lap. Something I have warned him about time and time again. Unfortunately, what I had feared happened!

She flipped off of his lap and fell onto the floor. But not before hitting her face on the elliptical on his side of the room. When I was holding her, we didn't know she had hit her face, yet. I wiped her tears and she flinched as I brushed her nose! Oh no, I started to freak. She was having a difficult time breathing and couldn't calm down. She then threw up on me, because she was so worked up. It was slightly bloody from her nose. I ran out of the room yelled at Michael to wake Landon as we jumped in the car. I held her in my arms as we drove the mile to the hospital, tears streaming down her face and mine. I jumped out of the car and ran into the hospital, slightly hysterical.

The nurse took us back while Michael filled out paper work. We were bombarded with questions as they started examining Emmelyn. They immediately said they would need to do a CT scan and for that she would need to be sedated and sent over to the Children's Hospital, about 20 minutes away. All the while my tiny, fragile, helpless baby was screaming... still.  They ended up trying to put an IV in her arm, to draw blood and get the blood work started for the other hospital. The arm didn't work, so they moved on to her foot. They said if it wasn't a head injury, they would have put it in her head! They were able to get the IV into her foot.

Shortly after the IV was placed (which was never used, hooked up to anything, or had blood drawn from) Michael left with Landon to get him ready for school. Emmelyn and I were then lead to the CT scan room, where they tried to do the test on her, without sedation, mind you. She wouldn't stop screaming and was having trouble breathing. Mostly because she was scared and couldn't use her nose, too well. We went back to our room, where they gave her an oxygen mask. Soon the paramedics from the other hospital arrived and put a neck brace on her and placed her into a gurney. She did not like this. At this moment, her IV was ripped out of her foot and was never placed back into her body. Emmelyn rode in the back of the ambulance with the two medics while I rode up front with the driver. This was the longest 20 minutes of my life.

Couldn't he put the sirens on... something! Can't we be there already?! A million thoughts swarmed through my head during that ride. I heard a medic say to the other that her soft spot was swollen. I didn't need to hear that! What if she was bleeding on her brain? What if there is something terribly wrong with my daughter?! I had to stop thinking like that, I kept praying and I tried to stare off blankly out the window. We arrived at the Children's Hospital and found our new room where I was asked a million questions, all the same as before.

Emmelyn was then hooked back up to all of the machines that monitored her vitals. Michael arrived and looked a little freaked out. "What happened?!" he asked as he stared at his daughter in a neck brace and oxygen mask. I told him it was just a precaution and that the mask is helping her struggle less. Guilt washed over his entire face. A four month old looks so tiny in those hospital beds, with cords hooked up all over her little chest, reading her vitals. She had a blood pressure cuff on her left arm and an oxygen reader thing on her foot. That kept falling off. My poor angel. I just wanted to hold her. I rubbed her arm and head and tried to comfort her, the best I could.

It wasn't too long before we were being taken back to the CT scan. They put her into a papoose to restrain her arms. At this point, she was so exhausted; she just let them do their thing. After the scan we were moved to X-ray, then back to our room, to wait. I'm sure it wasn't a long wait. Maybe a half hour at most. But, it seemed like an eternity to me. Our doctor came back into the room and said that the scans were fine, no swelling and no bleeding! Thank God! I don't think I've prayed so much in my entire life. She then told us, that she did have a fracture on her nose. Okay, I was really hoping for nothing but bruising, but a fracture is so much better than all the scenarios that raced through my mind that morning. I could handle a fracture. We were told that as long as she was able to breathe without struggling and eat (and keep the food down) we would be able to go home.

(fractured nose)

(bruised lip)

About an hour later, we were released to go home. Emmelyn stuggles to breath out of her nose and sounds like she is snoring all day (mixed in with a few snorts here and there). But, we're home with our beautiful love bug. She slept most of the day and then I gave her a bath to clean the sticky glue off of her chest and wash the blood off her face and she rewarded me with lots of smiles. You really can't hold kids down. They bounce back so fast. Last night was a rough night of sleep for us, but once the swelling goes down, I'm hopeful that we'll get more than 30 minutes of sleep at a time. I don't think I've put her down for more than 5 minutes since we got home. She's getting lots of extra loving from Momma!

I'm so thankful that my baby girl is going to be okay! Momma loves you, Emmelyn!

P.S. I think it's safe to say, my husband will no longer fall asleep with our baby on his lap...

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

I'm hooked!

After buying the bench and redoing it, I have to admit; I am hooked. It's like an addiction. I am constantly looking at other people's projects to try to find new tips or tricks on how to redo furniture. I am thinking about redoing all of our personal furniture, as well! And it doesn't even need it! I'm obsessed I tell ya! My second project was this Coffee Table and I just love it to death! Seriously, who knew you could love a piece of furniture so much?

I find myself looking at our for sale board often, trying to see who's selling something cheap that I could fix up. I already have another bench in the garage waiting to be brought to life and I am about to buy another coffee table. Which I do not intend to keep. I am hoping I can fix it up and sell it! (I'm thinking red, for this project...) I don't have the space in my house for this sort of addiction!

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Coffee Table!

This was perhaps the fastest project, ever! I bought this coffee table at about 12:30pm. Then I ran to Home Depot and some other places with the family. Got home around 2pm. It is now 630pm and the table is completely done and set up in my dining room. Yes, I put a coffee table in the dining room. We can’t use is in the living room, besides it would clash with our d├ęcor. So, for now it’s home is in the dining room. Once we move, I hope to find it a better home!

I bought this table for only $8! I bought some gorgeous Peacock Blue paint by Behr in a sample size for $3. I used about half of it. I also bought some gray (can’t remember the name) which was also $3 and used about 1/3 of it. So for about $10.50 I turned this boring old table into a cherished piece. I just LOVE the Peacock Blue. I’ve never been so excited about a project in my life!

(This is when I feel in love!)

So… here’s the end result, what do you think?

Curvy legs!

Now to place the glass on top...

And the completed project!

I'm going to switch out the pictures reguarly, add little love notes from time to time and even the children's artwork! I simply LOVE this project!!

Friday, August 19, 2011

Yarn Wreath with Rosette Flowers

Yarn wreaths are very popular in the craft world these days and I'll admit, I was anxious to join in.
Yesterday, while wondering around Hobby Lobby, I ran across these foam wreaths and I remembered that I had been wanting to make one!

I honestly had no idea where I would put it once it was completed but decided to do it anyway. I picked out my favorite color for the yarn and then I figured I'd get fabric in the other three colors that happen to be in my daughter's nursery. Maybe I'll put it on her door.
(I love jewel tones and these are the main colors in her room)

The first thing you do is wrap the yarn around the wreath... about 8 million times. It took forever at first, but once I got the hang of it, it went a lot faster. A few draw backs, such as, my yarn kept getting tangled up and I swear I spent more time trying to untangle the yarn then actually wrapping the wreath.

Once that's done, it should look like this. Then you can choose to decorate your wreath with anything you'd like! I thought about doing yo-yo flowers, but quickly decided on rosette flowers. The main reason was, that I didn't really feel like sewing and I already had my glue gun out from the yarn.

Make as many flowers as you'd like. I had a really tough time with this. I wasn't sure if I needed more flowers, or perhaps less. Or if they even looked good at all. By the way, these pictures really don't do it justice! The color is a little off, but I think it looks great in person! The blue is actually a turquoise and the pink is a fuschia.

Be honest, what do you think? I'm getting better at the flowers, but on some of them you can see the glue I used when rolling.

I want to make another one in a soft, fluffy white yarn and decorate it in blues and silver for winter!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Shopping... alone!

Hobby Lobby, oh I love thee! You always have such wonderful supplies to fill my crafting desires.
 Today I wandered around Hobby Lobby for a good hour or so.
Yes, I got out of the house, alone!
That never happens!

Landon was in school and Emmelyn stayed home with Daddy. It was so peaceful. I wandered up and down every craft aisle, took my time browsing the fabric, and really just enjoyed all the store had to offer.
I just love that store! But, $100 later and I realize why I shouldn’t go alone! Too much time to browse!
So, what did I get? I got some fabric that I loved the print on, no idea what I will do with it, but I liked it anyway. I got a foam wreath to make… well a wreath with. You know those wreath that are all over the craft blogging world these days? The ones that are wrapped in yarn and then have flowers of some sort on it? I’m making one of those. They are very appealing to me! Today I wrapped the wreath and started a few of the flowers. I’ll try to finish it tomorrow. More on that another time.
Let’s see… what else. Well, I finally got knobs for the bench I made a little while back, and they look great! I also got a few things to make some Grandparents gifts for my Mom and Mother-in-law. After my fun at Hobby Lobby I headed to Target to pick up a few things.
That’s pretty much it. Lots of fun crafts coming up. Can’t wait to share!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

New look!

I was playing around with my blog and realized that I could upload an image for my header.

Brillant! Why I hadn't I seen this before?
*It's okay, I'm still trying to figure this site out.

 I decided to play around in Photoshop and see what I could come up with. The only thing I have ever done in Photoshop was edit pictures. And even that, I am not that good at. Anyway, what do you think of my new header? I think it turned out cute.  Albeit big... couldn't resize it without it looking weird. =)


On another note, I've been talking to a friend of mine who was stationed here at Offutt, AFB with us... her family recently moved to the DC area and are actually stationed at Bolling AFB. The decided to live on Fort Belvoir which is about 20-30 minutes away, because the post is in a better area, has a school (and a good one) and the houses are really nice!
I had no idea that you could be stationed at one base and live on another. I'm so glad she told me this. Michael and I have decided to do the same thing. This way, Landon will have a school to attend (on base) and I will be living near a friend. Also, with Michael being gone most of the year on trips, the commute won't really be an issue. We feel that it's best that we live somewhere that our family will benefit from than to pick a location based on a commute. In this situation, it works for us!

I am getting more and more excited about this PCS. The area seems great and the people seem fairly nice. I've joined a few groups on Facebook already, and so many ladies have welcomed me to the WHCA family! (My husband's job title there)

Tuesday, August 16, 2011


Back in March we found out that Michael was tentatively accepted for a job at Bolling AFB, D.C. Initially, I was very excited for this as ideas of new adventures and road trips danced in my head. Shortly after hearing the news that quickly changed, we found out that the job would be a White House Communications job and he’d be traveling a lot. Like 225 days of the year! Fortunately, he won’t be gone on long deployment but as TDY’s which are short trips. A few days here, a week or so there… Perhaps even a month at a time. Time would only tell. The job was later coined as “The Marriage Killer” by someone that my husband works with. Gee, that makes me feel so much better…
What did we get ourselves into?!
We wouldn’t be able to report to the new duty station until around April 1st. We had over a year to sit and wait! Michael had his interview for the job a few weeks back and said he felt as if he did well, but not great. Okay, so maybe we won’t get the job. In the meantime, two other offices at our current base were trying to get him to work for them. One job had already turned to someone else because of our pending orders. The other will have to, as well, because today Michael found out that we are for sure going to Washington, D.C.! He got the job! I am proud of him; this is a great opportunity for him and I am hopeful that we will have a wonderful time there.
I look forward to traveling the East Coast, seeing the history, and partaking in all of the photo ops’ available to us! I have to say though, I dread the frequent trips he’ll be on. I am also not looking forward to the heavy traffic (this Alaskan girl is not use to that!) and the poor schools (or so I am told). It looks as if I will be homeschooling, while we are there. There isn’t a school on base and I don’t really want my kids bussing to and from school for hours… Hopefully this isn’t true. Tell me it isn’t?! I’m okay with homeschooling, but I’d like him to go to public school, if possible.
Two things that have me a little sad today; the realization that we will be moving a month before Emmelyn turns one, (since we’re leaving in March) and Landon will be moving schools mid-semester. At least it’s just Kindergarten. He shouldn’t complain… Too much.  I am sad that he will not be having his Kindergarten graduation with his friends, though.
All-in-all, I think the base will be fun. Or, I am hopeful at least.

Isaiah 42:9 "Behold, the former things have come to pass, now I declare new things; Before they spring forth I proclaim them to you!"


Growing up, I always knew I wanted to be a Stay at Home Mom. I had dreams of having a career, too. But, I knew that once I had children, I wouldn't want to be away from them. I am very blessed to be able to actually stay home with our children while my husband supports us. I am also blessed to have a husband who is "okay" with me staying home and not working.

When I was a child, I would come home from school to an empty house, while I didn't mind it, I didn't really like it either. I know my parents had to work and that Alaska is pretty expensive... it's hard to live on a single income with three children, there. Nevertheless, I always wanted to come home to someone smiling and happy to see me. Someone to ask me how my day was and fix me a snack. I believe this is where I got my idea of wanting to be a SAHM. I had always imagined myself being a part of the PTA, picking my children up from school, having fresh homemade cookies ready for an after school snack. I guess you could call it the stereotypical "Stepford Wife" or in this case, Mom.

 I'd have a perfectly kept house (yea right) and I'd be fashionably dressed and have been slaving over dinner for hours. Um, okay maybe not that extreme. Most days I hardly get out of my PJ's.

In all actuality I just want to be there for my children. Even if they don't "need" me to. I want to know everything about their day, their friends, their homework, all of it! I don't want to be their "friend" but I want them to know that I am here for them and that I am always willing to talk and lend an ear.

Monday, August 15, 2011

I have a Kindergartener!

I'm sure there will be a trillion similiar blogs going out today, or soon, but, I really can't believe that my baby boy is now in Kindergarten! Today was his first day and he was SO excited! I am proud to say, I did not cry! I almost cried last night, though. I was putting him to bed and just talking to him and it hit me that he was starting Kindergarten and that he was almost 5 years old! I held it back, but I hugged him extra tight and gave him about 50 times more kisses than usual before bed.

I think a big reason why I didn't cry today was that I knew I'd be picking him up at 12:30 for a doctors appointment. So, really it was like Preschool hours, to me. Tomorrow.... I will probably cry. Maybe not when I drop him off. But, during the day, I'll probably get a little sad and miss him some...

There are a few kids in Landon's class this year that he already knew, and he thought that was very cool! One of them happens to be our next door neighbors daughter and another was on his soccer team the last three seasons. I'm glad he has some built in friends! He's a very friendly and outgoing kid and I am sure he's going to have a wonderful school year!

On our way to school!

At his desk!

After dropping him off in his classroom and practically forcing  begging him to smile for the camera... or at least look at it, I kissed his forehead and told him I loved him... and what did he do?! He wiped it off! That stinker! It's okay, I was probably embarrassing him, anyway.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Chedder Chicken Pasta

Tonight we made preparing dinner a family affair! I decided to make up some sort of cheesy pasta with chicken. Michael asked if I wanted help and I did, so we brought the exersaucer into the kitchen for Emmelyn and started cooking.

What we used:

2 Chicken Breasts in chunks
1 lb pasta of your choice
2 T butter
2 T flour
3 cloves garlic, minced
1 small onion, finely diced
1/2 cup chicken stock
1 T Mustard (Dijon would work, I didn't have it)
1 cup cheddar cheese, grated
2 cups milk
1 T fresh oregano
Parmesan (optional)

First I started the pasta in a large pot and let it boil. In a frying pan I cooked the chicken in some olive oil and added a little of the garlic and onions.

In another pan I melted the butter and added the flour. Stired it up and added the chicken stock, mustard, onion, and garlic. Let it simmer until the onions are translucent. Now add the milk and let it cook for a few minutes, until it starts to thicken. Now, add your cheese and oregano. Let cheese melt and then add your pasta and chicken.

My babies playing so nicely while we made dinner!

Yummy cheese sauce! 

I wanted to add some fresh broccoli to the pasta (yum) but sadly, we were out. So, I added some peas and carrots, instead.
I paired the pasta with a delicious acorn squash.

I really enjoyed making dinner with the entire family in the kitchen.
It makes me feel closer to them!

I love it!


After Dinner, I made some more Strawberry Jam to freeze! We love this stuff and go through it SO fast! Good thing I make double batches!

 Our favorite thing to use the jam for is on top of my homemade waffles!
Hmm, now I want waffles...

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Fun Outside!

The weather was pretty perfect today! In the 70's not too humid, perfect! First thing this morning I went to a few garage sales in our neighborhood. It was nice to get out, alone! Afterwards we played in the drive way with chalk, because I had seen this idea on Pintrest with chalk and feet and I wanted to try it out! I love the way the pictures turned out!

Afterwards, we grabbed some lunch and headed to a park. Michael and Landon had a blast rolling around in the grass and Emmelyn actually didn't mind the grass, herself!

I wanted to do Landon's back to school pictures after the park, but wouldn't you know it... the battery died in my camera. Oh well, maybe next weekend.
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