Thursday, August 15, 2013

What's in the Busy Box #3

It is time to share with you our third busy box! 

Our third box's theme is all about letters! In this box I have included our alphabet puzzle,  two books, magnetic alphabet pieces, a measuring cup, measuring scoop, two tweezers, cotton balls as our sensory item, and some plastic cups. The cookie sheet is always next to the bins, for use.

My daughter loves the cotton balls and actually calls them "marshmallows." Too cute! She enjoyed scooping the "marshmallows" and filling the containers. 

Once she had her fill with the cotton balls, she wanted to do the puzzle.

She adores the Usborne's Lift-the-flap Word Book and so do I! What a great learning tool! In the first picture, she would lift a flap and find the corresponding picture on the left page. On the second picture, under the flaps of the children are words for what they are doing. On the bottom are those words again, when you lift those flaps you will see a smaller picture of children doing those actions. 

That's if for our third busy box, stay tuned to find out what's in the next ones! 

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