Sunday, August 11, 2013

What's in the Busy Box #1

Today, I will be sharing with you what is in our first busy box. These items will all be rotated out every few weeks, or if I find she's bored with them.

Box one is a "Farm Theme" box! She was very thrilled to see this box, yesterday. She had no idea I was making these for her. Now the barn is something I made for them earlier this summer and does not go inside the box. I just bring it down for her to play with.

Each of my five busy boxes will include one puzzles, 1-2 books, one container of sensory items (in this case, rocks) and two large tweezers. One for her and one for myself or her brother to play along with her, if needed. The tweezers were found on amazon, here and the farm animals are these. The rocks we are using as a sensory we found at the Dollar Tree, as well as, the erasers and little mickey character figures. She was VERY excited about Mickey being in this box. I know, not really farm related, but I figured she could have them ride the animals or work on the farm.

The tweezers are great to practice those fine motor skills! She practiced picking up the erasers and rocks, which were kind of slippery. Next to where I store the busy boxes I keep this cookie sheet (Dollar Tree) to help contain any messes. Plus some boxes contain magnets. 

 After I was done helping my son with science for the day, I sat and read the books to my daughter and we used the characters to make the book more fun. She loved this! 
All in all, this box was a total hit! All of the items in the box, we already had around the house! So, double success! I hope this helps you build your own busy box! Stay tuned for the rest of our busy boxes! Oh, the containers were found at Target for $2.50ish. They were on sale.

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