Monday, August 12, 2013

What's in the Busy Box #2

Thank you for stopping by to check out our second busy box! If you missed our first busy box, check it out here!

 This box's theme is "Numbers!" Again, we have a puzzle, two books, and a sensory item, in this case it is rice. Which is very messy, but you can pick it up and vacuum the rest. No big deal. Our classroom carpet is old and low grade, so it's easy to clean up. Most of her mess stays on the cookie sheet. We also have flash cards in this bin, just because I have them, but we never use them. She does like to play with cards, though. I have included magnetic numbers (Dollar Tree), Counting Bears, Tweezers, cups for sorting, and a small strainer. (10pk of cups and strainer also found at Dollar Tree.)
One of the books I have included is this Lift the flaps Counting Book. (I am an Usborne consultant and love their books for homeschool!) This book is great and we both love it!

 She first started using the cups for sorting her bears by colors! (There are six colors to the bears, but the orange and red are very close and it's hard for her to tell the difference at this point, so she ended up combining them.)

And then she saw the rice!! The cups became great scoops and the bears went for a swim in the rice! Her brother thought this was fun, so he joined in. 

It wasn't long before all the bears were in the strainer, taking a swim. 

And there you have it, our second busy box. 

Stayed tuned and I'll share the rest of our busy boxes, soon!

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