Saturday, March 2, 2013

DIY Love Sign

While scrolling across Pinterest a week or so ago, I came across this fun sign that I just had to make!
I set out to make it right away and I couldn't be happier with the finished product!

I decided this would hang above our bed. Our bedding is white and grey and our curtains are grey. I decided to paint the board white, and the letters grey. And have the hand and footprints be blue, since that's the color of our walls. I think it really pulls everything together in there. 

I took some left over plywood that we had laying around from building a new hatch door to the crawl space... I didn't even have to cut it! Yay! Then I painted it white, with the leftover paint from a previous project.

 It's probably hard to see, but I then printed out a huge "L" and "e" and cut them out then traced them on to my board. 

I carefully had my son place his hand on the board and then had my husband help me with my daughter's feet. I free handed the heart and filled in the letters. Once everything dried, I added some picture frame hooks to the back and called it a day! 

I adore the finished product! We seriously had nothing on our bedroom walls besides our curtains, until now. But I really think this was the perfect thing to go above our bed!

This project was free to us, since we had all the paint and supplies on hand! YAY! 

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