Friday, March 15, 2013

DIY Growth Chart!

Well, I finally did it! I finally got around to making a growth chart. I've only been meaning to since before my daughter was born. Probably even conceived. Oh well, better than never. It's a good thing I've stayed on top of both of their baby books, so that I can easily fill in the growth chart! 

The best part about this project... it was 100% free! The previous owners of our house had left some wood in the shed, so I didn't need to buy any! And I just used paint and stain we had on hand.

 Plain old boring 6' board that has been sanded. I stained my board and let it dry. While it dried, I printed out my numbers and carefully cut them out so that I could trace them.

I carefully marked out the foot marks and then the inches and hand painted them on in white and grey.

As my marks dried I worked on tracing the numbers along the foot marks and then filled them in with a blue paint.

I am considering adding my children's hand prints to it. It was in my initial plans, but my daughter was napping when this was finished and I wanted to hang it up and see the finished look!

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