Monday, July 16, 2012

First Day of Homeschooling!

We decided to start homeschooling today! It went great and Landon loved it! We started the day with a fun breakfast- French Toast Kabobs and bacon! I had planned to use strawberries instead of bananas but Michael used them in the juicer last night. Landon loved this surprised, though!

(I am not sure why the coloring is so off on this picture...)

Afterwards we got dressed and ready for school.

Landon's set up.

These little notes are all over Pinterest and most of them had no links to them, or were spam? So, I just made my own. Landon thought they were so fun!


I couldn't find a First Day of School Questionnaire I liked enough, so I just made my own. We also did a hand print craft that is drying and isn't completed yet. Both of these will go in our year book for the first day of school!

Here's our school calendar. For the calendar month and days I found a great printable here that I cut out and laminated. I believe I also got the address info card and 100 days of school card from the same site, she has tons of printables to check out!. The weather of the day and season cards I made myself.

She also had this great printable for PE cards!

 Proud of himself for doing so great in math today!

Reading his, "I Can Read It" book all by himself! So proud of him!

I am so glad we decided to homeschool! It's not as intimidating as I thought it was going to be. I loved being able to watch his face light up when the math just clicked in his head and how proud he is was of himself and how much extra time I get to spend with him because I am teaching him! I am so blessed!

For more information on our homeschool class room, check out my previous blog. We have since updated it, with the calendar and a word wall and a few other things, but I will post more about that, later!

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