Saturday, August 13, 2011

Fun Outside!

The weather was pretty perfect today! In the 70's not too humid, perfect! First thing this morning I went to a few garage sales in our neighborhood. It was nice to get out, alone! Afterwards we played in the drive way with chalk, because I had seen this idea on Pintrest with chalk and feet and I wanted to try it out! I love the way the pictures turned out!

Afterwards, we grabbed some lunch and headed to a park. Michael and Landon had a blast rolling around in the grass and Emmelyn actually didn't mind the grass, herself!

I wanted to do Landon's back to school pictures after the park, but wouldn't you know it... the battery died in my camera. Oh well, maybe next weekend.

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MariaS said...

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Have a great weekend!
MariaS Handmade-Love

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