Saturday, May 25, 2013

New Dining Room Buffet and Bulletin Board.

I know I promised an update on our kitchen remodel, but that blog is going to take a lot of time to write, and I just haven't gotten around to it, yet. I have started it... so, maybe soon. I am LOVING my kitchen remodel, though and can't wait to share it!

My MIL was in town earlier this month, so that has contributed a bit to my delays in blogging, but we've just been busy around here. Landon and I just wrapped up our first year of homeschooling! (First Grade) I can't believe how fast that went. The first thing he said when he realized we were done was, "When can I start second grade work?!" He is definitely my kid! He was also very sad when we finished our solar system studies. I wasn't planning on starting school back up until August, (besides a few fun games and science projects here and there) But, I may have to start sooner than I planned. He just can't wait and is asking me daily if he can start his new work! I love his enthusiasm!

Well, anyway, back to the point of this post. I have been looking for MONTHS for the RIGHT dresser to use as a buffet in my dining room and I finally found one! 

I found this dresser at the Salvation Army and it weighs a TON! Oh boy, I bet the neighbors were laughing at my husband and I while we tried getting this beast out of the van, across the driveway, up two steps, and through the front door! 

 I decided to sand the top and restain it.  I choose a light sage like color because my curtains are a sage. I also spray painted all of the hardware.

At the time of these pictures, I didn't have knobs for the doors. The original ones were broken off so I was looking for replacements, when my SIL mentioned using ribbon or something.

This is my dining room, now (Excuse the cell phone picture, please) I used some doubled up twine and knotted it in the back.

I really love this buffet and it has a ton of storage. It's still mostly empty. So far all I have in it is place mats and coloring stuff for the kids. But, I am sure it'll be filled up soon enough!

The bulletin board on top of the buffet will have pictures on it, soon. Hung up with mini cloth pins. I just haven't gotten to it, yet, as I just finished it. 

 I took an old frame apart that I bought a few years ago at a thrift store, and painted the frame black. I also decided to add a "B" for our last name. After that I took the old cardboard backing and covered it in burlap fabric and randomly placed twine strings across the surface. I stapled them on the back. With a regular stapler, and then I hot glued them once I was done with it all. Just to make sure. Pushed the cardboard back in and put two nails in place to hold the backing in. I then added picture hooks to the top. Very easy day project that I love!

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