Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Monster Tooth (Fairy) Pillow!

Landon is about to lose his first tooth! I can't believe he's old enough for that. He's getting so big!

 Anyway, I wanted to make him a pillow to hold his tooth (and money) on his doorknob. I am not into hiding it under pillows, especially since he plays in bed for an hour or so before passing out. Who knows where that tooth (and money) would end up! I scoured Pinterest for ideas. I was thinking about a tooth shaped stuffed doll but saw a few monster ones. This picture was my inspiration, but the picture led no where, so I just looked at the picture and ran with it!

( I love his white eye and little teeth! The white eye is a white button with a smaller black on, on top.)

Before I sewed the backing on, I thought about adding arms and legs, but I figure it was suppose to be small... so I decided against it. Now, I'm sort of wishing I had added them. Landon asked me for a BIGGER one, so I will add arms and legs, then. And it'll just be a stuffed animal. :) 

I just used what I had on hand to make this, if I had gone to the store, it probably would have been a bit better. ;) But, it serves it's purpose and Landon loves it, that's all that matters! I do think it's pretty cute, though!

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