Thursday, June 7, 2012

Emmelyn's New Dress!

On Pinterest I have a board devoted to sewing! There are so many great ideas out there! While Emmelyn was napping, today, I decided to make her a dress. I haven't used my sewing machine since we PCS'd from Nebraska! After looking through all of my pins, I found a few I liked and opened them. They either didn't have a tutorial or they were an Etsy website to buy them. 


I decided to do my own thing, and I am so glad that I did. Her dress turned out super cute! 

The neck is like a halter top and is extra long for a great bow!

I decided to add some cute buttons to the back to give it some character!

Here's Emmelyn enjoying her new dress!

 I do not have a tutorial on this dress, as I just made it up as I went. But it really isn't too hard to make. :) If I decide to do another, I'll be sure to take pictures during the process!

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