Saturday, January 19, 2013

Chalk Board Frame

Back when we were stationed in Nebraska, my husband and I were wandering around the Thrift Store on base and came across two huge frames. They were only $2-$3 each and I knew I had to have them! I snatched them up and brought them home. Where they sat in my garage for the remainder of our time in Nebraska. About two years later, I finally got around to doing something with the biggest of the two. I had been planning to create a chalk board on my kitchen wall and using the frame to... well frame it. We have a long empty wall in the kitchen that needed something so this worked perfectly there! I decided to paint the frame the same color as the hutch! 

I think it looks great and it's pretty fun to write song lyrics on and see who is singing or humming that tune by the end of the day!

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