Monday, October 15, 2012

Catching up!

A lot has happened since I last blogged so, I'll do a quick update. Landon lost his first tooth at the end of August and his second one shortly into October! He was very excited!
Homeschool is going great we recently made a money lapbook which I plan to share, soon! Landon loved this one more than his food pyramid one. We recently started learning about money, so he was pretty excited.

Landon is now 6 years old! I can't believe it! He had a great birthday party! We went camping the weekend beforehand, our very first time! I realized.... I'm not too outdoorsy, but we still had fun. 

 Having a little snack while waiting for dinner!

 He was SO excited!

They had a great time!

Fist full of s'mores!

We made omelets in a baggie for breakfast! Yum, we also had a baked potato and strawberries on the side. Delish! (I prepared potatoes at home, before we left)

A few days later we celebrated Landon's birthday with an Avenger's cake and presents! We had a great day! He was thrilled about his cake, especially when we cut it open!

As usual, we did a little photo shoot for his birthday, as well!

We found this tiny frog in our back yard!

And this week went to the pumpkin patch! We found a decent one that was pretty similar to the one in Nebraska we went to yearly! That made me a little less home sick. :) 

This was her very first apple, that wasn't sauce! She was so excited and ate the whole thing! (Well, not the core.)

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