Friday, April 27, 2012

Paint, Paint, Paint!!

Well, we're finally in our house and starting to get settled down. We closed on our house last Friday and the movers came Monday. We spent the entire weekend painting. Boy, I had no idea how hard that was really going to be.... with two kids in tow. I was SO sore afterwards. It was totally worth it though. My favorite rooms in the house are the four we've painted thus far. 

Here's some pictures from our living room:

When you don't have any chairs or ladders, you improvise!

After two coats of paint it was much warmer and it was beginning to feel like home!

Once our living room is completely set up, I'll share some more pictures, but here's a little sneak peek of our living room on Monday after the movers came!

We also painted our three bedrooms this weekend.

Here's a little preview of those rooms. 

After the living room I moved on to Landon's bedroom.  He wanted red walls, but we compromised with an accent wall and he choose grey for the other three walls.

Third we did Emmelyn's room: I had initially wanted to do stripes throughout the room, but after taping one wall I decided I was too tired from the other rooms to do anymore stripes! One wall works great though and now, I think all four walls would have been TOO much.

Lastly, we painted our room a nice blue! Honestly, this room needs another coat of paint... but I was way too tired and the movers were coming in like 10 hours, so we decided to do another later. We all know, that'll probably never happen. I am not about to move my furniture out.. It looks fine and no one will see it anyway. (Who knows, I might get to it after I forget how much painting sucks.)

Stay tuned!

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