Monday, December 5, 2011

Christmas Books!

I saw an idea on Pinterest about wrapping seasonal books that you already own and having the children unwrap them one a night. I thought that was a fantastic idea and set out to do it, too! We, luckily, had 24 (actually more than that) books on hand, winter/Christmas/Religious, you name it! 

Isn't she cute?!

Landon is totally loving this, by the way! We read a book every night, but this adds a little mystery to it! We missed the first night, because only have the books were wrapped and I wanted to take the above pictures before I had them start unwrapping. So on night one (Dec 2) we did two books, to catch up!

 This was her first time unwrapping a present!

I just love them!

 I really love this idea, but let me tell you, I fastly wrapped all of these books, wrapping books=not so fun!

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