Monday, November 28, 2011

Thanksgiving Weekend!

I hope everyone had a fabulous Thanksgiving! We sure did! 

Emmelyn's first Thanksgiving!

Aren't they adorable!

My brother and his family came up Friday night and we celebrated on Saturday, it was a blast! I cooked lots of yummy food (Which Emmelyn LOVED!), we played some board games, the kids ran around, and we ended the evening by playing hide and seek in the dark. Which the kids LOVED! It's one of Landon's favorite games, I must say! Boy, was I beat afterwards. 

 Emmelyn loved the sweet potatoes!


 (Pumpkin Cheesecake and the prepped turkey!)

Emmelyn hasn't been sleeping to well, and Sunday morning Michael and I woke up with killer sore throats. It's probably why Emmelyn's been restless. As of today, (monday) she has a nasty cough and runny nose! Her first cold, ugh! Hopefully it won't last too long and she can get some solid rest. 

Oh, I wanted to share this with you all:
I found this on Pinterest, somewhere, but my mom use to do something similar when I was a kid! This particular pot holds fresh cranberries, half an orange, two cinnamon sticks, and water! Get it boiling and turn it down if you'd like... makes your house smell like Christmas! 


I finally got a new sewing machine, and I can't wait to get to work on Landon's quilt! Woohoo!! I need to get a move on it... so I can finish the other Christmas gifts I have in mind. Speaking of which, I think we're going to put our tree up tonight, yay! 

I love this season!

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!

I'd like to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving! I hope you all are able to enjoy it with the people you love the most. We aren't celebrating until Saturday, here. My brother and his family are coming up to visit and he wasn't able to get Friday off. So, they will come up that evening and be here for the weekend. My father is also going to be joining us. This will be our first holiday with family in four years! (Since we left Alaska)

I'm pretty excited for Thanksgiving, being able to make a bunch of food for more than just three people! We will have 10 people in the house, if you include Emmelyn!

I must admit, I am also pretty excited to start decorating for Christmas. I'm not sure when we are planning to do this. We usually do so the day after Thanksgiving. But with family coming we will probably wait til Sunday evening at the earliest.

By the way, I fell a little behind in my "I'm Thankful November" posts. But, I am thankful for many things! It all started when I ended up in the ER with Emmelyn a few days back. She had a fever of 104 and we found out she had an UTI. I sort of fell off my list then, I got busy. I'm sure you understand!  I am very thankful, though, that her medicine is making her feel better! It's hard seeing your baby feel sick.

Anyway, Happy Holidays!

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Emmelyn's Christmas Present

As part of our Homemade Christmas this year I mentioned that I was going to make Landon a super hero quilt. Well, I meant, I was going to make both kids a quilt, but I just hadn't had Emmelyn's planned out yet. On Friday, I ran around town looking for the perfect fabric for their quilts. I found Emmelyn's at the first store, this fabric just spoke to me!

I found it very old fashioned and chic. Something she could use as an adult, not just as a baby. I pictured her cherishing this blanket for years to come and even into her adulthood. Perhaps even passing it down to her daughter. 

Call me crazy, but I had high expectations of this fabric! 

While I found Emmelyn's fabric at the first store... it took FOUR stores to find Landon's. Maybe it would have been easier to just wing it with him, too. 
 Hmm, who knew super hero fabric was so hard to come by. Now if you wanted just Spider-Man, you would be good to go after the first store.  

This is the fabric I picked for Landon's quilt...

I think he'll love it. 
Alright, so I finished Emmelyn's quilt today. But, not after MUCH frustration! First off.. I probably should have bought more of each fabric to achieve the size I wanted. I wanted their blankets to work on a twin bed. Her's does, but it's just not as big as I wanted. I wanted it to hang down a lot on the sides of the mattress. 

After a headache trying to figure the math out I went with a simpler plan on the quilt. I cut all the fabric out, just fine. Started to piece it together, just fine. Everything went particularly well until it was time to bind the quilt. 

I'll admit, this was my first time binding. I did a bit of research, watched some YouTube videos and went on my way.  I was about two feet from being done with the quilt when.... MY SEWING MACHINE BROKE!!! 

Crap! Now what?!

I tried to fix it, but I think it's actually broken. Like a piece BROKE. Fortunately, a friend offered to let me use hers to finish it off. 
Thank God!

I finished the quilt off, but the binding is a bit messed up at the end. I wasn't sure how to finish the end of it, where it starts and ends in the same spot. Yea, it looks like a mess there. Ugh! Hopefully when she's 16 she won't judge me too much!

So, are you waiting for the finished result?
I hope you like it! =)

 It's some what similar to my rag quilt but a little less involved with all the squares. 

P.S. I hate binding! 

One down... one to go. Although, I thought about making my husband one... I might have to wait until his birthday next summer, I'm sure I won't have the urge to make him one after Landon's is done....

Let's hope I can finish Landon's... Now to get a new sewing machine.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

A Homemade Christmas?

It started out with Michael and I vowing to each other that we would make our gifts for one another, this year. 
Then... I started looking around the house, realizing that we're moving in a few months and we have too much junk. 
(In my opinion)

Landon surely doesn't need anymore toys. He does need clothing, though. 
I decided that he would get books and clothing from us.
As well as  homemade gifts! 
Which led me to thinking that we should just do a whole big homemade gifts Christmas! 
(Including extended family and friends)

Seriously, I got very giddy about this!

So, for Landon I am going to put together another rag quilt, but a Super Hero one! Oh, boy, is he going to love it!

You'll just have to stay tuned for the rest of our homemade Christmas!

Saturday, November 5, 2011


I'm a little late in posting this, but we had a great Halloween! 
The Halloween costume I made for Emmelyn looked adorable on her and Landon was Captain America this year!

I haven't been too crafty lately... I have the itch though, I just haven't found the time!
Emmelyn and I have been spending our days playing! Here are a few of my favorite pictures from this week! 

(I made the purple bow awhile back and it worked perfect for this outfit!)


Ah, don't you just love her! 

On a side note, I've been writing down a reason I am thankful, everyday. I am posting it on Facebook at the time, but do plan to come back and update it on my blog! =) 

I hope all my readers had a wonderful Halloween!

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