Saturday, May 21, 2011

My Happiness

I want to make an effort to think happy thoughts and smile at the life God has blessed me with. Here are some things that make me happy (even the small things), what makes you happy?

For me, in no particular order, just as I thought of them:
  • Watching my children sleep
  • My family
  • Feeling loved and accepted
  • Foot rubs and back rubs
  • When Landon is sick and wants to cuddle (Which is the only good thing about the situation)
  • Jesus
  • Cuddles
  • Dancing with my son; he brings out the "goof" in me
  • Fall
  • Tomatoes and avocadoes
  • Reading a good book
  • Our family adventures in new places
  • Traveling
  • A great turkey sandwich
  • A clean house
  • Photography
  • A good movie
  • Trying a new recipe- successfully
  • Hugs
  • Slobbery kisses from my kids
  • Hot apple cider in a big mug.
  • Star gazing
  • Our family movie nights
  • Baby stretches
  • Laughter
  • A nice pair of Jammies
  • A not too sunny, warm day with a light breeze
  • Rain and thunderstorms
  • Learning
  • History; Russian and Egyptian especially
  • Singing, I miss choir
  • Listening to great music
  • Surprises; the good kind
  • Fresh Fruit
  • A nice hot shower
  • My bed, pillows, and blanket
  • Watching people rock out in their cars to music, because I do it too!
(I’m sure there are more, but you get the idea)
If you're down, make a list and then go do some of the things that make you happy. Take your time enjoy life, hug longer, love stronger, give it your all, what is there to lose?

Tomorrow’s a whole new day!

Friday, May 20, 2011

ABC's of Love

Based on his research and practice, Dr. Cady believes this alphabet of love will make a positive difference in your child and your relationship with that child.

When I read this I knew that I wanted to share it with you. Enjoy!
Accept your child–not as perfect, not as a “model,” but as a basically good kid.
Be there! You can’t be absent all the time, nor can you show your interest or love for your child if you aren’t present. Be there for football games, dance recitals and the like.
Care for your child. Even when s(he) messes up!
Discipline; don’t punish. It takes “guts” to discipline; it only takes a “wimp” of a parent to let kids get by with anything.
Expect the best: Generally, you’ll get what you expect (bad or good).
Family–the center around which the child’s life should revolve. School, friends and games are the “planets” which should circle around the “sun” of the family.
God/Spiritual - pick yours carefully; there will ALWAYS be a “god” of something in your and your family’s life. Make sure it’s a good one. This doesn’t mean you have to be a ”super-Christian” or go to church seven days a week. It DOES mean that you must instill some sense of spirituality, moral order, and ethics in your child.
Honesty–the bedrock of good character. Make sure you demonstrate it by example.
Interest–in your child. If you aren’t interested, the friendly local drug pusher will be.
Joy– in raising children, watching them develop, being a part of their lives, seeing them turn out as wonderful adults.
Kindness–in discipline and relationships with your kids. Avoid harshness or punitiveness.
Listen! Frequently, YOU are wrong. You are a parent, not God, and certainly not infallible.
Motivate–don’t intimidate.
NO to negativity! Be positive! Any dummy can be negative about things that anyone else does, especially kids. Look for the good in your child and emphasize it. Things that are focused on and emphasized get bigger and stronger.
Open to questions and concerns of your child; be open to examine your own actions and motivations, as well.
Practice (makes perfect); you can mess up, and you don’t have to be perfect. Just don’t make a habit of it. Learn from your mistakes.
Question; interact–your child will not always tell you unless you ask and demonstrate interest.
Reason with your teenager; don’t demand or command arrogantly when there is a disagreement. If you must, discipline, but not until you have attempted reason.
Say your feelings–your child is not telepathic. It’s also important to frequently “say” your feelings of love and affection.
Touch–your child with hugs and kisses. Hugs are appropriate for virtually all ages. Don’t be embarrassed, and don’t get out of the “HUG HABIT”!
Unity–as a family. Don’t allow splits or divisions to develop between warring “factions.”
Value your time together–you won’t have it forever.
Wonder at the priceless gift of your lives together–you will value it more and do more with it.
X marks the spot for your treasure: the home and your family.
You–the critical person who must show your efforts, caring, affection, interest, honesty. Don’t wait to respond; INITIATE!
Zero— the serious problems you will have in your and your teenager’s life if you follow these principles.

Thursday, May 19, 2011


Today was one of those long and sort of hectic days. Well, at least it started out that way. The morning was a rough one; toting two kids to Urgent Care and then to Walgreens and then just trying to get regular household chores done. Eventually, Emmelyn took a three hour nap and I was able to get laundry and the dishes completed (and spend some time with Landon)! But, the very best part of my day was just before her nap... I had just changed her diaper and was talking to her, you know in that baby talk sort of voice, and all of a sudden she smiled her biggest gummy grin at me! She has smiled a couple of times before today but never directly at someone. I was so excited about this that I immediately called Michael at work to brag about it!

I love how the smallest thing can make your whole world seem brighter!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Cloth Diapers and Paci Clips!

  Today, we started using cloth diapers on Emmelyn. I was a little nervous about starting this transition because it seemed like a lot of work. So far, I really like them.  We started out the morning with a Rumparooz diaper because it appears to be the smallest of my stash. The fit was pretty good, but I found it to be too bulky on her little tushy. During the next change I put a BumGenius diaper on her, which I happen to like better. Mostly because it's less bulky than the Rumpz. The rest of the day we have used our GoGreen Pocket Diapers! I've been really excited to try these out because they are very similar to the big name diapers but half the price. GGPD's appear to be a lot like the BG diapers; I like that they are less bulky on her and I can't complain about leaks, yet. GGPD's have two different types of diapers, regular ones and Champs. I have a few of each, but have yet to try out the Champs. Perhaps the next change will be a Champ. Even though I haven't used them, I do like them, already! They have a front and back pocket for easier stuffing, as well as, double leg gussets... much like disposable diapers.

Emmelyn trying out her very first cloth diaper!
 I also happened to catch her beautiful smile on camera!!!

Landon never really took to a pacifier, but Emmelyn seems to enjoy them from time to time. She's not attached... yet...
I decided to make my own clips for them, pretty easy to do.

When she turns one, I plan to take away her bottle and her pacifier at the same time. I figure if she doesn't need the bottle anymore, why should she use the pacifier. She shouldn't need to soothe herself with sucking anymore.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Family Visit

Our family has come and gone, now and we miss them already. I wish my brother was able to stay longer than two days; I feel like I didn't get any one-on-one time with him. I also wish my mom was able to stay longer than four days. Actually, while I'm wishing for things, maybe they could all just live closer. Daniel is only three hours away, but we just don't make it down there to see him too often. If we go, we have to pay for a  hotel, so it would have to be a short visit and when they come here, they have to do so on their weekends, so again, another short visit.

   Regardless of how short our visit was, we had fun! We went to IHOP and the Botanical Garden's Friday morning before Daniel's family arrived and later that evening we BBQ'd! On Saturday we did some shopping where the Grandparents let the Grandkids pick out a toy. We also wandered the mall and went to the Cheesecake Factory for lunch. Sunday morning was Mother's Day, so I made homemade waffles with scrambled eggs, hasbrowns and sausage. Everyone loved it! Later, we went to a park and let the kids play and grabbed some lunch before heading out to Landon's soccer game. Unfortunately, shortly after the game Daniel and his family had to head home.

   On Monday, we headed to the BX to pick out some souvenir for Mom to take home and out to lunch. After coming home, Mom and I decided to get ourselves a pedicure! Everytime she comes to visit, we try to do this. We had an appointment for Thursday, but with their flight being delayed I had to cancel it. I'm glad we were able to squeeze it in, still. For the rest of Monday, we just hung out and spent time with the kids. They had an early flight out this morning and some of us were trying to hold back tears. Landon's pretty sad about Grandma leaving, but excited to hear that she will return in October for Daniel's wedding! I'm very glad Mom was able to come out and meet my daughter and spend time with Landon. It makes me a little less sad knowing that family can visit from time to time!

Friday, May 6, 2011

4 Weeks Old

What the heck? How did time go by so fast, already. I can't believe that Emmelyn is already four weeks old (tomorrow). It makes me want to cry.

I can across this poem like thing the other day and I just love it:

A Mother's Midnight Prayer:

Lord, Help me remember, when I feel it's a chore the time will come when I'll hold her no more asleep on my chest (the crib refused the blanket, the pacifier, gone unused). What better place is there to lay her head than against my heart, my arms her bed? For infants grow up and leave us behind with only memories left to remind us of midnight walking and predawn rocking, of soft, helpless babies unable to sleep. So, Lord, make me patient and keep me awake while I cradle this child, and don't let me take for granted the moments I spend in the night with this baby -- Your gift, my joy, my delight.

Well, my parents made it into town last night and we're so glad to have them here! Now, we're waiting on my brother and his family, who are currently on the road, to arrive. Then, we're BBQ'ing for dinner, yum!
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