Saturday, May 12, 2012


We've decided to homeschool Landon for first grade. He's finishing out Kindergarten at a local school near our house. But, honestly, he's not adjusting too well to our move. He's been bullied a couple of times on the bus and in class, all within his first week of school! It's sad. And then his teacher called me to tell me he's been crying every day in school, (this was week two). He did so well at his old school in Nebraska. It appears he's having some anxiety issues with going back to school after our move. It's really heartbreaking. I have always thought about homeschooling, anyway. So, this wasn't a big jump for us.

He daily tells me he's "sick" and wants to stay home with me. I was starting to get pretty worried, but we had already planned on teaching him ourselves for 1st grade, so I sort of let it go a little. I tried to tell him how fun school will be next year and he is super excited for first grade. I also tried to talk up his new school and reassure him that there was only about 5 weeks left of school. (School ends mid June, here)

After the phone call from his teacher, I decided it was best to talk to the school's principal. I had a discussion with her about what we could do and she suggested me taking him to and from school and avoiding the bus, since that morning I had taken him to school and he was thanking me over and over again for not making him ride the bus. Which is crazy because he couldn't wait to ride the bus before he started school. She also said she'd speak to Landon and try to hype up all the fun, end of school year plans they had! Like a trip to the zoo, a picnic, Kindergarten graduation, etc. Hopefully this will work.

He's still asking to stay home, but we only have 4 weeks left now, hopefully he'll come around.

For first grade, we decided to use the Sonlight curriculum. I wanted something already put together for us, at least for this first year and then I will venture into making my own curricula, you know, once I am familiar with the process and what all needs to be done! We can't wait!


Ellie Rae said...

Good luck to you. Our kids never took the moving well. Hopefully your son will be able to finish out the year and then you'll know what to do next. Hope the home schooling works out. (My husband is retired A.F. and our kids are grown now and both in the A.F.)

brit said...

Oh I can't wait to hear how homeschooling goes for you!

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