Saturday, January 7, 2012

DIY: Baby leggings!

This is the perfect project for me and if you are an instant gratification type of person, you should try this, too! Seriously, 5 minutes, and I had turned a pair of knee high socks into baby leggings!

So much easier than making a quilt! Want to know how I did it? 
Here's my tutorial:

First off, grab a pair of knee high socks. I got these at Target a few months back for about $2. Way cheaper than brand name, store bought baby leggings!

 Next up, cut your socks, like I did below. You'll want to cut the heal and toe off. You'll save the center sole part of the sock.

Take the sole and fold it inside of itself, like so....

Now, you will need to take the long part of the sock and put your little cuff over the raw edge. ( I hope that makes sense) You'll want all three raw edges next to each other.

Set your sewing machine to the #4 setting for length of stitch. You'll want the longest setting or a 4.  If possible, stretch the sock over the sewing machine base. and begin sewing, pushing the sock around the base. Make sure you have all three raw edge seams being stitched. Once you finish the whole seam, remove and there you have it! Simple, right?

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