Monday, December 12, 2011

Super Hero Quilt

I did it! I finally finished Landon's Christmas quilt! I finished Emmelyn's quilt, almost a month ago, but then my sewing machine broke. Sad face! I got a new one over Black Friday, though and finally got around to finishing Landon's quilt. I had to work on this one during school hours!

I really love the way it turned out. I did have an "oops" moment. The top yellow square was suppose to be in the other corner. But, I know Landon won't care! Other than that, I had no mistakes! I am getting better at this quilting thing!

I really can NOT wait to see his face when he gets this quilt! He's going to LOVE IT!!!!

And as a reward, I made myself to a delicious mug of caramel hot cocoa! Yum!


KERRY said...

Excellent job Stephanie!! It looks awesome :)
He will love it I am sure!
And how yummy does that coffee look, well deserved I'd say xo

KERRY said...

Hot cocoa, sorry ;)

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