Sunday, November 13, 2011

Emmelyn's Christmas Present

As part of our Homemade Christmas this year I mentioned that I was going to make Landon a super hero quilt. Well, I meant, I was going to make both kids a quilt, but I just hadn't had Emmelyn's planned out yet. On Friday, I ran around town looking for the perfect fabric for their quilts. I found Emmelyn's at the first store, this fabric just spoke to me!

I found it very old fashioned and chic. Something she could use as an adult, not just as a baby. I pictured her cherishing this blanket for years to come and even into her adulthood. Perhaps even passing it down to her daughter. 

Call me crazy, but I had high expectations of this fabric! 

While I found Emmelyn's fabric at the first store... it took FOUR stores to find Landon's. Maybe it would have been easier to just wing it with him, too. 
 Hmm, who knew super hero fabric was so hard to come by. Now if you wanted just Spider-Man, you would be good to go after the first store.  

This is the fabric I picked for Landon's quilt...

I think he'll love it. 
Alright, so I finished Emmelyn's quilt today. But, not after MUCH frustration! First off.. I probably should have bought more of each fabric to achieve the size I wanted. I wanted their blankets to work on a twin bed. Her's does, but it's just not as big as I wanted. I wanted it to hang down a lot on the sides of the mattress. 

After a headache trying to figure the math out I went with a simpler plan on the quilt. I cut all the fabric out, just fine. Started to piece it together, just fine. Everything went particularly well until it was time to bind the quilt. 

I'll admit, this was my first time binding. I did a bit of research, watched some YouTube videos and went on my way.  I was about two feet from being done with the quilt when.... MY SEWING MACHINE BROKE!!! 

Crap! Now what?!

I tried to fix it, but I think it's actually broken. Like a piece BROKE. Fortunately, a friend offered to let me use hers to finish it off. 
Thank God!

I finished the quilt off, but the binding is a bit messed up at the end. I wasn't sure how to finish the end of it, where it starts and ends in the same spot. Yea, it looks like a mess there. Ugh! Hopefully when she's 16 she won't judge me too much!

So, are you waiting for the finished result?
I hope you like it! =)

 It's some what similar to my rag quilt but a little less involved with all the squares. 

P.S. I hate binding! 

One down... one to go. Although, I thought about making my husband one... I might have to wait until his birthday next summer, I'm sure I won't have the urge to make him one after Landon's is done....

Let's hope I can finish Landon's... Now to get a new sewing machine.


KERRY said...

That is so pretty!! Sorry your machine broke but you did a fantastic job and I love the fabric colours and patterns :)
I would love to make one, but sewing a button is about as far as I have gotten. I am sure Emmelyn will love this forever!!

brit said...

I love it! I'm working on my very first quilt right now!! But shh, it's a secret! haha anyway, Wal Mart has a sewing machine on sale for $49 on black friday. It's a brother...

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