Sunday, October 16, 2011

Wedding Hair Clips

My brother is getting married on Saturday! I still find this hard to believe. He's my baby brother (I'm the oldest) and he will always be 12 in my mind. Although, he turned 23 a couple months ago. He has been with his fiance Katie, for over two years now. He has taken on the role of father for her daughter, as well. I'm very excited and happy for their family! 
Our Mom is flying down from Alaska in two days, to see my brother get married. She is coming here,to us, and then we will drive the 3 hours to Kansas City for the wedding. I'm very excited. On Thursday night we will be staying at the Great Wolf Lodge! We were suppose to go back in July but with the flooding we decided to wait and pushed our reservations to October. Landon is super excited, too! 

Katie asked me to make her daughter a hair piece similar to Emmelyn's for the wedding, so I thought I'd share. She's really into Tinkerbell and is going to be wearing green wings down the aisle so I made her hair clip match.

I also made myself one and fixed Emmelyn's. I didn't like how many feathers were on it before, so I removed some. 
 This pink and white one is Emmelyn's

These flowers are SO easy to make. I really enjoyed them. Maybe after we move to DC (in March) I will be able to have a craft space and be able to make more fun stuff, more often!


Liz @ said...

those are super adorable. i'm sure they will look lovely walking down the aisle. :)

::little projects in style:: said...

i love love the pink one! they remind me of my wedding and the corsage i made for my dad! :)

yours looks a lot more sophisticated but anything pink and tulle-y brings me back to that day!


Melanie @ bear rabbit bear said...

These are beautiful! Found you via Happy Hour Projects! Love for you to link to our Things I've Done Thursday Link party. I also have a give-away going on for a custom blog button!


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