Sunday, September 11, 2011

My Baby is Five!!!

Happy Birthday to the most amazing kid I have ever met! I am very lucky to be Landon's Momma!
Today, he is five years old. I can't believe it!
My mother in law flew in to town on Thursday to surprise him for his birthday.
She woke him up Friday morning before school.
It was an amazing surprise and he's having a blast!

Here are a few pictures from our time with Grammy, so far!

Saturday night, we went to the most amazing hot air balloon show!
That was an awesome experience. Landon was able to get into one of the balloon's baskets.
He was thrilled!

This morning I made waffles for breakfast with strawberry jam. One of Landon's favorite meals! Then we opened presents!

Later on we went to the Amazing Pizza Machine, per Landon's request.
We had a blast!

I made Landon these AMAZING cupcakes!

Been a wonderful few days. Sad that my MIL will be leaving us on Tuesday, but hopeful that we'll have orders to move to Texas, soon, to be closer to all of the family!

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