Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Back to Reality

We had a wonderful visit with Grammy (My Mother-In-Law) this past weekend.
 Probably one of the best visits we've ever had.

 I shared some of what we did in my last blog, here but wanted to share some more.
She just went home yesterday and it was very hard to say good bye. We're not sure when we'll be seeing her again. We are still waiting on new orders and are hopeful to be moving to Texas, where Michael's family is. But we just don't know.

Landon was torn up. It's so hard to be away from ALL of our family all the time.
We're looking forward to the future!

We celebrated Landon's birthday on Sunday, which I wrote about in the last blog. On Monday, we sort of continued celebrating. We decided to keep Landon out of school for two days, so he could get the most of Grammy's vacation with us.

We headed to Downtown Omaha to the Old Market and went to the HUGE slides in the Gene Leahy Mall area. It was a blast!

Afterwards we thought ice cream at Maggie Moos sounded like a great idea!
 Landon wanted a banana split, so he and I shared it!

His first banana split!

Tuesday was the last day with Grammy, so we tried to get some last minute pictures in.

Then it was time to take Grammy to the airport. There were a few tears at home.
And quite a lot at the airport. Especially from Landon.
Poor kid kept asking Grammy to stay.
It was heart breaking.

I think the kids look a lot like me in this photo.

Michael and his Momma!


KERRY said...

I love how you love and adore your mother in law, that's really beautiful!!
And yummo, banana split mmmmm

Anonymous said...

Michael's mom is a babe!

-Nicole French
(Don't have any of those accounts so its gonna come up anonymous ha)

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