Thursday, August 18, 2011

Shopping... alone!

Hobby Lobby, oh I love thee! You always have such wonderful supplies to fill my crafting desires.
 Today I wandered around Hobby Lobby for a good hour or so.
Yes, I got out of the house, alone!
That never happens!

Landon was in school and Emmelyn stayed home with Daddy. It was so peaceful. I wandered up and down every craft aisle, took my time browsing the fabric, and really just enjoyed all the store had to offer.
I just love that store! But, $100 later and I realize why I shouldn’t go alone! Too much time to browse!
So, what did I get? I got some fabric that I loved the print on, no idea what I will do with it, but I liked it anyway. I got a foam wreath to make… well a wreath with. You know those wreath that are all over the craft blogging world these days? The ones that are wrapped in yarn and then have flowers of some sort on it? I’m making one of those. They are very appealing to me! Today I wrapped the wreath and started a few of the flowers. I’ll try to finish it tomorrow. More on that another time.
Let’s see… what else. Well, I finally got knobs for the bench I made a little while back, and they look great! I also got a few things to make some Grandparents gifts for my Mom and Mother-in-law. After my fun at Hobby Lobby I headed to Target to pick up a few things.
That’s pretty much it. Lots of fun crafts coming up. Can’t wait to share!


Holly Ann said...

Oh, I just LOVE shopping alone! So nice! Glad you got that time to yourself. :)

I'm a new follower from the "Friday Fun Blog Hop!" I hope you'll come by to follow me back! Thanks!

Twins Plus One, Three Times the Fun

Gina said...

I love hobby lobby!! Their stuff is always on sale too!! But I too can spend too much time in there

Fifi said...

haha!! I guess we were both in Hobby Lobby yesterday!!! I ♥ that store!! Can't wait to see your yarn wreath!!

Thank you for the follow!! I'm your newest follower as well!

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