Monday, August 15, 2011

I have a Kindergartener!

I'm sure there will be a trillion similiar blogs going out today, or soon, but, I really can't believe that my baby boy is now in Kindergarten! Today was his first day and he was SO excited! I am proud to say, I did not cry! I almost cried last night, though. I was putting him to bed and just talking to him and it hit me that he was starting Kindergarten and that he was almost 5 years old! I held it back, but I hugged him extra tight and gave him about 50 times more kisses than usual before bed.

I think a big reason why I didn't cry today was that I knew I'd be picking him up at 12:30 for a doctors appointment. So, really it was like Preschool hours, to me. Tomorrow.... I will probably cry. Maybe not when I drop him off. But, during the day, I'll probably get a little sad and miss him some...

There are a few kids in Landon's class this year that he already knew, and he thought that was very cool! One of them happens to be our next door neighbors daughter and another was on his soccer team the last three seasons. I'm glad he has some built in friends! He's a very friendly and outgoing kid and I am sure he's going to have a wonderful school year!

On our way to school!

At his desk!

After dropping him off in his classroom and practically forcing  begging him to smile for the camera... or at least look at it, I kissed his forehead and told him I loved him... and what did he do?! He wiped it off! That stinker! It's okay, I was probably embarrassing him, anyway.


Emmy said...

Oh I remember that day- as it was just last year for me- it really is a bitter sweet thing. Does he have all day kindergarten?

Stephanie said...

He does have all day Kindergarten. I remember when I was in Kindegarten we only had half days. That isn't an option here. But, he seems to like it, so far. :) He was pretty excited to go back to school, today!

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