Thursday, July 21, 2011


A couple weeks ago I mentioned that we were going to go camping this month. Well, we did as planned… except, it was 115 degrees that day. On top of that, the cabin wasn’t exactly what I expected. The cabin was really nice, actually, but I asked the lady on the phone if there was a fire pit to roast marshmallows and hotdogs, she said, “yes.” There wasn’t! There was a BBQ stand thing that was about waist level, though. Not exactly what I had in mind. Michael tried to get a fire going for dinner, but it wasn’t working out too well. First off, we forgot the lighter fluid so he was trying to light the fire without it and second, with it being so hot outside it was just getting tiresome. I told him that it wasn’t a big deal and we would just nuke the hotdogs. After dinner we were going to make microwaved s’mores when I realized when Michael said he grabbed the s’mores stuff… he forgot the marshmallows. Landon was a little bummed but liked the “s’mores” anyway! We made the best of our time in the cabin and tried to play cards together, but Landon quickly got bored with that. I was going to bring some board games with us, but I figured cards should be enough.
Honestly, we ended up watching cartoons as a family on the couch for the rest of the evening and turned into bed, early. We still had a great time hanging out as a family, though!
 Before we went camping we had some time to kill and we headed to Linoma Beach to swim! Landon had a ton of fun there, despite the heat. The nice thing about the weather being so hot was that the water was at a very nice and comfortable temperature! Even Emmelyn enjoyed being in the water for a little bit! She was happy until I tried to get her to feel the sand. Speaking of the sand, it was on fire! It was like torture walking to the water! Don’t worry; I had her feel the wet sand! The boys had a great time in the water while Emmelyn and I just chilled in the shade after she got upset. As I was packing up the diaper bag I ended up accidently kicking the wooden umbrella stand and got a huge splinter in my big toe! No fun…

We will give camping another shot, but next time, we’ll go in the fall when it won’t be too hot to hike and be around a fire. Also, maybe somewhere where we can actually roast hotdogs and fish like when I was a kid! Some of my best summer memories were going to the river to fish and we’d roast hot dogs and marshmallows! I never caught a fish but I always had fun with my brothers, mom and step dad!

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Anonymous said...

Some of the best vacations and memories are when things don't turned out like planned! Sounds like you guys had a great time despite everything. =)


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