Thursday, June 9, 2011

Summer Plans

We were planning on making a summer trip to Mount Rushmore for our anniversary this year but with the recent flooding that has been going on, we decided that we should wait. Instead of going to South Dakota we're going to go to Kansas City! Mostly to see my brother and his family but we also wanted to make it a little bit of a family vacation. Because, we still haven't had a real vacation, just trips to see family.

Anyway, we're going to stay a night at the Great Wolf Lodge in KC and enjoy the indoor swimming park for two days! My brother has to work anyway and only has weekends off and the lodge is REALLY exspensive on weekends (Even with their 20% Military Disount). What we plan to do now is stay in the lodge on a Thursday evening and then on Friday and Saturday we'll stay in a cheaper hotel. Since we'll be spending time with family, we won't have too much time to spend in the water park those days, so why pay for it!

We're super excited to take Landon to the water park, I think he's just going to love it! I can't wait to see my brother and his family again, should be lots of fun!

Perhaps this Fall we can make a trip to Rushmore. I really want to see it before we PCS. I don't think we'll have time or the money for it though, since we have my brother's wedding to go to this October. If we can't make it, oh well. You never know we could be stationed around here sometime in our future!

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