Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Family Visit

Our family has come and gone, now and we miss them already. I wish my brother was able to stay longer than two days; I feel like I didn't get any one-on-one time with him. I also wish my mom was able to stay longer than four days. Actually, while I'm wishing for things, maybe they could all just live closer. Daniel is only three hours away, but we just don't make it down there to see him too often. If we go, we have to pay for a  hotel, so it would have to be a short visit and when they come here, they have to do so on their weekends, so again, another short visit.

   Regardless of how short our visit was, we had fun! We went to IHOP and the Botanical Garden's Friday morning before Daniel's family arrived and later that evening we BBQ'd! On Saturday we did some shopping where the Grandparents let the Grandkids pick out a toy. We also wandered the mall and went to the Cheesecake Factory for lunch. Sunday morning was Mother's Day, so I made homemade waffles with scrambled eggs, hasbrowns and sausage. Everyone loved it! Later, we went to a park and let the kids play and grabbed some lunch before heading out to Landon's soccer game. Unfortunately, shortly after the game Daniel and his family had to head home.

   On Monday, we headed to the BX to pick out some souvenir for Mom to take home and out to lunch. After coming home, Mom and I decided to get ourselves a pedicure! Everytime she comes to visit, we try to do this. We had an appointment for Thursday, but with their flight being delayed I had to cancel it. I'm glad we were able to squeeze it in, still. For the rest of Monday, we just hung out and spent time with the kids. They had an early flight out this morning and some of us were trying to hold back tears. Landon's pretty sad about Grandma leaving, but excited to hear that she will return in October for Daniel's wedding! I'm very glad Mom was able to come out and meet my daughter and spend time with Landon. It makes me a little less sad knowing that family can visit from time to time!

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Delimont Family said...

Glad they got to visit!! :)

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