Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Cloth Diapers and Paci Clips!

  Today, we started using cloth diapers on Emmelyn. I was a little nervous about starting this transition because it seemed like a lot of work. So far, I really like them.  We started out the morning with a Rumparooz diaper because it appears to be the smallest of my stash. The fit was pretty good, but I found it to be too bulky on her little tushy. During the next change I put a BumGenius diaper on her, which I happen to like better. Mostly because it's less bulky than the Rumpz. The rest of the day we have used our GoGreen Pocket Diapers! I've been really excited to try these out because they are very similar to the big name diapers but half the price. GGPD's appear to be a lot like the BG diapers; I like that they are less bulky on her and I can't complain about leaks, yet. GGPD's have two different types of diapers, regular ones and Champs. I have a few of each, but have yet to try out the Champs. Perhaps the next change will be a Champ. Even though I haven't used them, I do like them, already! They have a front and back pocket for easier stuffing, as well as, double leg gussets... much like disposable diapers.

Emmelyn trying out her very first cloth diaper!
 I also happened to catch her beautiful smile on camera!!!

Landon never really took to a pacifier, but Emmelyn seems to enjoy them from time to time. She's not attached... yet...
I decided to make my own clips for them, pretty easy to do.

When she turns one, I plan to take away her bottle and her pacifier at the same time. I figure if she doesn't need the bottle anymore, why should she use the pacifier. She shouldn't need to soothe herself with sucking anymore.

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