Monday, April 11, 2011

Emmelyn Grace Black

We had an amazing, wonderful, and eventful weekend!
Friday morning I had a regular OB check and I mentioned to my doctor that my eye sight was getting worse from my PseudoTumor. We had previously discussed inducing me once Emmelyn was full term if my eye sight was being affected because we were risking my eye sight. Needless to say, my doctor wasn’t too happy to hear about my issues and said that he immediately wanted to induce me! Michael had just got off work and had been up for over 24 hours. Therefore, I told the doctor that I would like to let him sleep first and then go in. He was fine with that. So about 4pm we dropped Landon off at a friend’s house and headed to the hospital. And I started to feel very sick! Ugh, nerves!
We finished checking in to the hospital at about 5:30pm and got situated. Waited about an hour before they started the Pitocin and they wanted me to have an epidural, as well, because they wanted me to labor Emmelyn out, not push! (Which didn’t end up happening…) They didn’t want the pressure on my eyes and brain to increase. Well, with Landon the epidural did NOT work and I told them about this. But, they assured me that the anesthesiologist was the best. After the epidural was finished the same thing happened with Landon- only my left half of my body was numb! At this point I was at 4cm and we stayed at 4 cm for hours! They continued to increase my Pitocin in hopes to help me progress faster. Wasn’t working, in fact it was making me sick! I started having hot flashes and throwing up because of the meds. I mentioned to the nurse that with Landon they broke my water and shortly later things were flying! They decided to break my water at 4cm (it was about 5:30a) and within 40 minutes I had moved up to a 6! Then the contractions became really intense. The nurses kept adding different pain meds to my IV to try to ease my pain. But, it wasn’t working. They ended up giving me some kind of drug that also makes you very tired. After already being up 24 hours, I really didn’t need help with that. Besides, the drugs didn’t help anyway. I was having one gigantic contraction that had peaks of pain and no stop! On top of this, I couldn’t keep my eyes open because of all the medication they gave me.
Shortly after 7am my body was telling me it was time to push. The doctors had just checked me though and said I was an 8 maybe 9. They told me not to push and try to let her come on her own. So, I didn’t push… my body had other ideas. It seriously started pushing on its own! Doctors checked again and said I was a 9 and that I couldn’t push yet but then suddenly I was a 10 and they were having me push with a purpose! With every push I made, the Pitocin made me throw up… again! (What is with that stuff?!?!?!) Luckily I only had to push a few times and our beautiful angel was with us within seven minutes.            
At 7:55am we heard the most wonderful sound in the world; little Emmelyn’s first cry! I had told Michael earlier that she would be here before 8am on the 9th. He had thought that she would arrive on the 8th, and while I would have liked a really fast labor, I knew that wouldn’t happen. ;) Emmelyn Grace Black weighs in at 6lbs 11.7 ounces and is 20 inches long.

 She’s gorgeous and so perfect. Landon is the best big brother and is SO happy to have his baby sister.

 Daddy is beaming with pride that he now has his little girl and Mommy is so in love with this girl, it’s crazy!

 Our family is complete and we couldn’t be happier!
Life truly is beautiful!

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Amy said...

Aww..our baby girls are just 5 days apart! My Aubrey was born April 4th!

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