Friday, April 15, 2011

6 Days Old

       The last 6 days have gone by so incredibly fast. When we left the hospital, Emmelyn had a jaundice level of 8, so the doctors told us to follow up in two days. Tuesday we took her to the clinic and they did some blood work on her. Her level was up at 18.5!!! We were told that someone would come by the house and set up a Bilirubin machine for her and that she needed to be on it 24/7 until her labs looked better.

         The next day she went in after being on the lights for about 16 hours and her bilirubin level had already dropped to 16.5. We kept the lights on her for another day and a half and then she was off of them for a day and brought back in. As of this morning, her level is at a 12.8. The doctor is happy with her decrease and said that she can stay off the lights now and that her levels will continue to drop on their own. Woohoo!!
        Everyone is adjusting fairly well to having a new baby in the house. I was worried about Landon and afraid he’d be jealous, but the entire pregnancy he was so excited and loving towards her that I thought maybe I’d get lucky! So far, I have! He is constantly asking to hug her, kiss her, and play with her. He’s always trying to help feed her, change her and care for her, too. Last night, we pulled out Emmelyn’s floor mat and had her lying under it, “playing” and Landon got right under it and wanted to play, too! They “played” with each other for a good hour or so. It was so incredibly sweet; I’ll be honest, my eyes welled up a little.
 I’m so happy with my family, it really feels complete. It is so odd to me, because I was very happy with a family of three before we decided to try for another. I couldn’t picture my life without Miss Emmelyn in it… I’m so completely in love with her. I love watching everything she does and I find myself just staring at her for God knows how long. She’s such a well behaved baby, too. A true blessing to my life… I have amazing children. 
Emotions are crazy right now, so I guess I will blame them for this… but I’m already sad at the thought that she won’t be a newborn for much longer. Time just flies by and soon I’ll have another 4 year old on my hands.  L

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Alison said...

Love them! She's so precious. :) Looks like landon is really enjoying having a baby sister.

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