Saturday, April 2, 2011

37 Weeks!

I am so ready to have this baby girl! Today I am 37 weeks along and I cannot wait to meet her! Landon is super excited that it is now April. He’s been asking us when April will come since August! He’s so sweet. He loves his baby sister SO much, already. Every night he gives my belly a hug and a kiss “for Emmelyn” and he likes to tell her stories and feel her move. He always pretends she kicks his hand off. He is always talking about his sister and bragging about how he’s going to be the best big brother, ever! He’s already the best son ever, in my opinion, so I can only imagine how loving, caring and protective he will be of his baby sister.
                Lately, I’ve been having a lot of labor dreams and last night was no exception.  I dreamt that I checked into the hospital and gave birth right there at the front desk… standing up! They handed Emmelyn to me and sent me on my way. Super easy birth! But, as Michael and I walked out of the hospital and got to the parking lot, I told him I didn’t feel right leaving and that we should go back and get a post-partum room. Which we did and they told us we had to be out in 24 hours because I had an easy labor and didn’t “need” to be there! Um, okay. Anyway, I held my little girl and instantly fell so in love with her, just like Landon! It was amazing and she was beautiful. Despite the weirdness of the dream, it was pretty amazing. J

                A couple of days ago, we took Landon to Build-A-Bear to get a new outfit for Peter Rabbit. I had a coupon for $5 off and a $10 Gift Card, so I figured we’d use those. He wanted a Batman costume that he had seen at the store before. Once we got there he walked straight to where he had seen the costume last time. Well, more like he ran to it… Only to be disappointed that they didn’t have it anymore! They had a bunch of Star Wars costumes, but he’s not into that. He ended up picking out a soccer uniform, because he is about to start his third season of soccer next Saturday. I had a little catalog thing that the $5 off coupon came with and it showed an adorable little lamb stuffed animal and I simply fell in love with it! It is a limited edition item for Easter and I really thought Emmelyn “needed” this lamb! Really, I just wanted it. Hehe. Anyway, I asked Landon if he wanted to make it for Emmelyn, and of course he did! (He had made her a girl bunny back in November after we found out she was a girl, to go with his Peter Rabbit one.) I’m really happy we got the Lamb, it’s too cute! We didn’t get her an outfit, but I don’t think it needs one.  I really like BAB, what a great place for kids to make their own little friend! The people have always been extremely nice and helpful when we’ve gone. If you haven’t gone, I’d go; it’s a nice treat for the kids! Also, register your animals with your email address because we just got a $5 FREE accessory for Peter Rabbit because his birthday is this month. How awesome! Too bad we were just there and got the coupon later that evening; isn’t that how it always works?

                Last night, we went to Olive Garden as a family and I have to say, that Landon was so well behaved. We haven’t really been out much lately to eat and if we do it’s more of a family friendly place such as IHOP. It was really nice to enjoy an evening out without any stress. But, I have to admit, he’s usually pretty well behaved. Another thing I really enjoy about our little family is our weekly (sometimes bi-weekly) family movie nights! We usually buy/rent a movie and watch it in our bed and sometimes have snacks. This week we ordered a pizza and watched Tangled! We took Landon to see it in theaters and we all loved it so I knew it was one we had to add to our collection! If you haven’t seen it, do; even if you only have boys. J

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Delimont Family said...

Mmmmm...Oliver Garden! Love that place!
Sounds like Landon is going to be a great big brother! :)

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